About Us

We, Apple Décor & Construction Company, are established since 2010 and have provided Décor and Construction in market for 5 years. During staying in this field, we met many competitors and many difficulty situation problems, but we can still keep our stand while other companies cannot continue. Meanwhile, our company has also developed our potential from 5 staffs when starting for first time to hundreds staffs till present. All this results have from customers’ supporting who always trust on our company’s services. Our company and staffs have responsible for our works and cooperation with each other as well, so the result is company gets more development. In addition, Apple Décor & Construction Company brings Khmer experts in Décor and Construction to serve our customers. . Within the developing of country and the needing of modern lifestyle of Cambodian people, we notice that the construction and decoration fields are rapidly raiding in Cambodia. This is the motive we follow the customer’s project from start to the end, and we try to satisfy for all the customer’s need and to complete what we promise with them.

Our company believes in that our perfect design is going to make your home and your company more beautiful and comfortable, especially, when your customer enters your home and company, they feel want doing business with you. We dare claim that the interior or exterior design of a new building, the renovation, furniture supplying, the electrical supplying, and security system supplying are our best skills. Our company is always providing customer the solution for every problem, constantly consulting, and always cooperating feedback from the customer.


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